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The Real Reasons You Are Stressed Out, And They Aren’t What You Think!

  Hello everyone and welcome back!  Today I am going to talk about the real reasons you are stressed out and why they aren’t what you think. If you are like me, you think that you are stressed out because of work, family life, your to-do list, the things that... read more

I was going through a difficult time when I was feeling very stressed, and I felt like I was racing through my days but getting nothing accomplished. I kept having negative thoughts about my future, and I was focused only on the obstacles that were blocking what I wanted to attain.

Then I found out about Angie and her program. We examined how I was spending my time, and we established my priorities. She found ways to do things easier and faster, and even eliminated some things that just weren’t important. She gave me great suggestions so that I could utilize my time more effectively. She taught me to look at the things I do more mindfully, so that I can find ways to streamline on my own.

She showed me how to focus on what I want to be and what I want from life. I realize now that the obstacles can be overcome, and my goals are achievable.

I am much more in control of my life now. I am less stressed because I know I can accomplish what I need to. My schedule is prioritized, and I am doing the important things, while still finding time for myself. I feel much more positive about my future now, knowing that my objectives can be obtained. I know I can do this!

Thank you so much, Angie, for all you have done for me. I have learned so much from you, and I feel confident that I can continue to move forward using what you have taught me.

Jean Marie

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Get a roadmap to feeling confident, beautiful and healthy with private coaching. Angie will work with you and help unlock the fears that are holding you back from the results you are meant to have while guiding you to love who you are, create the healthy lifestyle you deserve and enjoy each and every day of your life.

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Meet the Founder

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Angie Rohal is passionate about women living a limitless and joyful life. Her brand, Magnificent Bliss, helps women free themselves from a negative self-image and low self-esteem so they can step into more confidence, purpose and bliss. She enjoys meeting and talking with new people and getting to know them. When she is not having fun with her business, she likes to do yoga, prepare healthy meals, and be outside in nature.

Angie is the real deal. She is kind, compassionate and knows exactly how to help women tap into their inner beauty and strength so they can confidently live the lives they deeply desire. If you want your life to change, Angie is your girl.

Katie Humphrey

Award-winning Entrepreneur

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