A little bit about me

I want you to know this about me: I, too, have struggled with lack of motivation, depression, weight, and health issues.

I’m Angie Rohal, founder of Magnificent Bliss. And what I can remember from my journey to getting healthy, loving myself and living my life as fabulously as I deserve is this… Even in the toughest times, I always hoped that there was something more out there, something bigger than me, guiding me to free myself from my fears. I never wanted to accept my struggles for what they were and just give up. I know that you are not that kind of woman either or you would not be reading this. I believed that I had the power to change my circumstances. Guess what, there is a way and I am going to share with you everything that I have learned. When you are living in bliss doesn’t it feel absolutely magnificent?

What I want you to know about you is that you can be a leader in your own life. You have what it takes to change your circumstances; you have the power to move beyond the fears and the worries. The program Magnificent Bliss is all about you discovering that underneath all of this exists a fierce, motivated, and unstoppable woman, who has been waiting to be freed. We imprison ourselves by listening to our fears. What you don’t know is that you have the keys to the cage in your hand and you have the power to free yourself to be your most empowered and vibrant self.

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You CAN feel beautiful right now, just as you are, while still moving quickly towards the results you want!

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