Perfectionism Rehab 101: 6 Easy Steps to Help You Overcome “The Perfect Trap”

Perfectionism Rehab 101: 6 Easy Steps to Help You Overcome “The Perfect Trap”

This one’s for all of my fellow perfectionists out there! How many times have you wanted to try something new but you know that you can never make it as good as you would you like it, so you never start it that way you’ll never be disappointed. Or when you do begin a project, you become so obsessed with making it perfect that you sabotage yourself by not knowing when to stop? If you identify with any of these struggles, you are not alone and there are steps you can take to help yourself overcome perfectionism!

  1. Remember that most of the time perfectionism is rooted in fear. The fear of making mistakes, criticism, a lack of self-trust, or needing the approval of others can be so paralyzing that it stops you from even trying. You are valuable and so is your work, but your work does not define your value as a human being.
  2. Repeat to yourself when you recognize that you are afraid to start a project or are overdoing it, “Done is better than perfect!” Even though, you may not feel comfortable only doing just enough, it is much better to complete something than to never have finished it.
  3. Get a second opinion. When you catch yourself going overboard, ask someone else for help. Maybe they agree that it needs more work, but not as much work as you were going to do, or they feel that it is time to stop because it is done.
  4. Set a time limit on how long you will allow yourself to work on this activity and stick to it! Make sure that you are realistic about how long you give yourself, and again if you have trouble deciding how long to do something refer to rule three.
  5. Limit the number of times you go over something once you have completed it. Trust in yourself and your abilities. As you regain your confidence, you will start to believe that your work is just as good without all of the fussing and second guessing.
  6. Now this one may seem crazy, but it will be a great way that you can challenge your perfectionism. Do something poorly ON PURPOSE! You could leave your bed unmade, or allow some of you clothes to get wrinkly and wear them anyway. This will help to show you that the world doesn’t end something isn’t perfect.

So go ahead and give it a try and see what happens! Just take it one step at a time and remember that perfectionism isn’t about it being perfect, it’s about approval. Recite to yourself, “done is better than perfect.”

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  1. Angie!! This looks fabulous! Love your tips! Can’t wait to read the other blog posts! Love your website, it is beautiful and SO you!!! We must catch up girl!!!! xox

    • Thank you! I look forward to our next chat!

  2. Love this!
    Thanks Angie!

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